c/.Corredera 55
Vejer de la Frontera
Cádiz 11150
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Temporarily closed until December 25th 2020. Coffees, bar, lunch, dinner

Corredera 55 Art Gallery

  • Art on the walls at C55

A selection of the more than 40 artworks to be found in the two dining rooms at Corredera 55. The art displayed is from James Stuart's private collection and the Califa collection and is a mixture of paintings, prints, sketches and photographs collected over a 25 year period. One of the artworks is not Vejer. Guess which?

Local artists resident in Vejer include Sol Sánchez de Munian, Graham Cooke, Antonio Larrubia, Kathy Hockey, Gaby Selby, Paco 'Albita', Juan Carlos Argüez, Rogelio and others...

This art work is not for sale. To find out more about the artists hover your cursor over the picture.