We talked to Gaspar Sobrino, author of the exhibition "Oliva Coronada"

  • The interior designer tells us all the details of this project in honour of the Patron of Vejer, the ‘Virgen de la Oliva’

This year there has been no procession of the Virgen de la Oliva, no paseo through the streets, and no festivities. However, the Patron Saint floods the streets of the village thanks to the "Oliva Coronada" exhibition, whose creator is the interior designer Gaspar Sobrino, one of the most prestigious in the world.

Born in Madrid, Gaspar has been living in Vejer for several years, where he was awarded the title of adopted son. The project, the author tells us, is divided into several parts: a promotional video, very emotional; an exhibition focused on the iconography of the Virgen de la Oliva, its miracles and origins; another part that alludes to the heritage and its most representative belongings and a third part on the procession. In the same way, there is an exhibition of photographs in Castrillón Street where the devotion to the Patron Saint of Vejer can be felt and lived through a series of photographs about the shelter, the 'novena', the procession or the hymn of the Virgin, written by Antonio Castrillón Pareja, which embraces the walls of the village. The poems are by Antonio Castrillón Pareja and Antonio Dorado Soto, bishop of Cádiz.


Exposition making of.


The intention, says Gaspar, was to "do something sober and elegant that would not detract from Vejer's architecture and would enhance the surroundings, making it more attractive". The main objective of this project is to avoid crowds of people "who still feel that they are in Vejer and that those who do not know the devotion to the Virgin of the Olive discover where it comes from through an explanatory tour". 

An exhibition that will be completed next year with more tapestries hangings on the balconies, a work they have started this year "measuring balcony by balcony", and the new lighting. 

The exhibition will have a temporary character to make known the Virgin of the Olive, "our greatest heritage, what unites us, what we carry in our hearts all and each one of the old men and women", confesses the mayor, Francisco Manuel Flor Lara. All this with the aim of creating an open-air museum.

The project sees the light after two months of intense work and countless hours. This 'making of' sums up the work done by the whole team.


Above right the interior designer Gaspar Sobrino.


All part of an idea Gaspar Sobrino had a while back. "I proposed the project to the city council two or three years ago, but for various reasons it could not be carried out and was put aside". This year, due to the current circumstances "the project was taken out of the drawer". 

Gaspar Sobrino has extensive experience in the world of art and design. He began working in the sector 19 years ago, "touching different vertices in the profession".


Gaspar Sobrino at the Califa Group's Plaza 18 hotel 


He fell in love with Vejer from the begining: "Vejer came into my life through the painter Blanca Gortari who invited me to spend a weekend here on her birthday in Madrid". I immediately fell in love with the village. From then on, different projects started to emerge, "some of them for the town council, which bet on me and I stayed". 

Thanks to his contribution to the tourist development of Vejer "the town council was kind enough to name me an adopted son of the town". His strength, he says, is in the restaurant, hotel and fashion industries". In fact, he has worked with large firms such as Loewe, Inditex, Lacoste, Armani, Hugo Boss, etc. Vejer, he adds, is "for me it is like home, I feel very comfortable and very loved".



Following is the promotional video of the exhibition and the 'making of'.