Vejer Focus 2014

The second edition of the Vejer Focus Mobile Photography exhibition was once again a complete success

Sponsored by the Califa Group Vejer Focus came about in 2013 when James Stuart, José Aniés and Paul Debois conceived a real time photography competition where photos are taken (exclusively in and around Vejer), exhibited and judged in a 48 hr. time span.

The competition promotes the spontaneous use of a piece of photographic equipment that we all carry in our pocket and the democratization of photography as an art form. No longer are expensive and highly technical pieces of equipment needed to take pictures, the accent is on spontaneity and creativity rather than studied composition.

This year’s winners are: Odette Kennedy (1st. prize) with ‘Sonrisa Dominguera’, Gema López (2nd. prize) with ‘La Barca de Vejer’, Begoña Luque (3rd. prize) with ‘La sombra el reflejo torcido’. To see all the category winners see the Vejer Focus website. To see all the pictures enjoy the Flickr feed.