There are no borders to travel

  • Paradise is closer than you think

Without a doubt, travelling is something innate in human beings, soaking up new cultures, discovering what our world hides, it's like a blank book that has to be written, travelling makes us free. It gives us that freedom that we miss so much.

Although that freedom has barriers in this particular period. Many countries are applying strong restrictions to the arrival of foreigners. Others keep their borders closed. So many people have had borders imposed on them to do what fills them up most: travel.

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However, paradise is closer than you think. From Califa Group we want to invite you to discover the most exotic Africa in Las Palmeras del Califa. To taste the Middle East in El Jardín del Califa. To travel back in time in La Casa del Califa. To relax in an intimate and exclusive environment in Plaza 18. To dream of old Arabian legends from the idyllic viewpoint of La Tetería del Califa. Experience the essence of North Africa in Vejer. To take pictures of spaces that seem to have been taken from The Thousand and One Nights...and all without crossing the Strait or taking a plane.

Because in Califa Vejer, there are no borders to travel.

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