Tapas at Corredera 55

  • Lunchtime tapas at C55

We know so many of you miss Califa Tapas so just for the next couple of months (Califa Tapas opens Easter week) we are doing lunchtime tapas at Corredera 55. Devised by our wonderful head chef Oliva Valdés and Ellie Cormié (manager of C55) what could be better than a these very tasty dishes that to be honest are a fair bit bigger than your average tapas and one alone might just fill you up if you're looking for a lunchtime snack. The tapas will vary occasionally but on the menu right now are - 

Roast chicken with prune sauce

Meatballs with curry sauce

Hake with saffron and shellfish

Stuffed courgette with salmon sauce

- All tapas at 4,50€ except Hake with shelfish at 5,95€ - 

Corredera 55 is open every day for lunch and dinner except Wednesdays. Click here for the C55 website and our full menu.

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