Sweet sensations at Corredera 55

  • March 29, 2015

Vejer’s soon to be opened new eatery ‘Corredera 55' will of course be adding to the ever greater fabulous range of delicious desserts made by our pastry chef Amina Essaadi.

Yesterday saw us indulging ourselves in a tasting session at the Califa. Amongst the delights that we tried out were Pistachio Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Almond, Orange and Lemon tart with Oloroso, Cheese Kunafa with lemon syrup, Chocolate Nemesis (thanks to the River Café for the recipe), Banana and Almond Ice cream, Chocolate, Orange and Anis tart, Date and Toffee pudding, Chocolate Ganache with Ras-al- Hanout (thanks to the ‘Ruined Garden’ restaurant in Fez for the recipe) and much more. Yum!

Corredera 55 will be opening after Easter with thanks to:

  • Amina and Khadija Essaadi,
  • Annie Manson of Annie B’s Cooking School,
  • Ellie Cormie and the Califa team.