Plaza 18 Vejer in the April issue of MiCasa magazine

  • The magazine dedicates six pages of the "my escape" section to our hotel

MiCasa, one of the most important Spanish decoration magazines, publishes a six-page report on the Hotel Plaza 18 Vejer in its April issue.

"The Hotel Plaza 18 is a typical Andalusian house with a charm, it has a patio, forges, whitewashed walls and a 360º viewpoint. A plus? It is very close to the best beaches of Cadiz". This is what we can read at the begining of this wonderful article published in the section "my escape" of MiCasa April issue.



"The lodging joins the slow pace of the town with its concept of a boutique establishment, an exclusive place that exudes character". The article delights the reader with details about the design and the works of art that decorate the hotel and other interesting information such as its name, Plaza 18, which is due to its location in Plaza de España 18, in Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz, Spain).



"Taste (and good) for art." The report talks about the artistic side of the hotel, mentioning, for example, Malévich's work printed with the mastery of the prestigious Atelier Mourlot in Paris that hanging on the wall of Room One, on the left.



"The decorative style of the Plaza 18 Hotel is timeless, eclectic and with stately details", we can read on the fifth page of the article. "Under its feet, a 13th century house. The Plaza 18 Hotel was built on top of a building from 1896, of which it maintains its structure. And, previously, it had already built its foundations on the roof of an Arab house, dated eight hundred years ago".

The article concludes by talking about the ecological aspect of the hotel. "If you are concerned about ecology you will be interested to know that Plaza 18 has an energy system with solar panels". 

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