New wines to enjoy summer in the Califa

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It's summer time and we're proud to release our wine menu! Ramón Fenoll, responsible for the wine menu, tell us all details...


Ramon at our wine cellar.


"From our land of Cadiz comes the red wine FABIO MONTANO. It comes from the mountains, from the municipality of Prado del Rey: Strong, full-bodied, wild and grateful at the same time. It summarizes in a blend of tempranillo, syrah, cabernet sauvignon and merlot the essence of the mountains. Produced by the Rivero winery since 1864.

From the Rioja Alavesa comes LAR DE PAULA, 100% tempranillo. The reserve is made from grapes from vines over 40 years old. The nuances on the palate are guaranteed".



In the white section, two delicacies:

"DOS CLAVELES, by Montilla Moriles, 100 % pedro ximénez. Very Andalusian! of great aromatic intensity and ...  DRY. We have in mind that the PX grape is sweet, but it is so after the raisin process. If we don't do it and follow the normal process of vinification as in any other grape, it is DRY. Recommended. You will be surprised.

This addition makes me especially excited because it reminds me of the time when I used to surf in the Basque Country. A txacoli, the GORKA IZAGUIRRE. Txacolís are coupages of white varieties harvested during the year. The freshness, the vivacity, the spring explosion, the sparkling in the mouth... well, I leave it there that I get excited.

And finally, ANDRESITO ROSADO. From here, close to the Sierra de Ronda. 100% merlot. After the ANDRESITO TINTO last year, I couldn't resist, as it's a perfect translation of the strength of this red to the rosé.

In soft drinks something from VEJER: PATRIAPURA. Variety of juices and lemonades 100% organic. Healthy, without additives or colorants. Tasty".


100% organic drinks from PatriaPura, just released in our summer menu.


Menu and wine pairings

Ramón recommends:

"For the meats, either from our barbecue or from the tagines the Fabio Montano or the Ibargüen, both from the Sierra de Cádiz. Safe power!. The Taberner is another good option, another wine, let's say, tamed and fine. In general, all the wines from Cádiz are strong in flavour and full of nuances. Highly recommended. Another good option is a Sierra Cantabria Crianza, for example". 

If we talk about the new fish dishes on the menu, such as the M'hencha of fish and prawns, Ramón is clear: "With Dos Claveles we contrast the sweetness of the dish with the dry flavour of the PX. And the fish or vegetable Tagine or the Pastela taste good with a txacoli that will refresh us. In general, to contrast the sweetness that almonds give us in some of our dishes, such as the recently incorporated chicken soup, is to choose a dry white. 


The Pastela, one of the most popular dishes at El Jardín del Califa.

Discover the new summer menu here

The wine list

Our wine list has more than 100 references. Each with his own style and personality. There are options for every taste... Our waiters are doing sommelier training. Ask them.

See you soon. Enjoy summer, our wines and… LIFE!