New summer menu 2020 in the Jardín del Califa

  • We renew the menu with the best seasonal, fresh and healthy products

Summer is just around the corner, so from the restaurant El Jardín del Califa we have renewed our menu with new seasonal ingredients and fresher proposals, always following our main premise: to offer a quality organic product, with a careful raw material.

At the Califa Group our philosophy is to use the freshest local ingredients and, as far as possible, to use organic ones. Furthermore, in our restaurant El Jardín del Califa we only use free-range eggs and organic meat (our beef is of the local breed, the Retinto). Similarly, 95% of the vegetables we use are from nearby gardens (from the province) and at least 60% (depending on the season) are organic.


New summer menu 2020 

The new summer 2020 menu of El Jardín del Califa brings us delicious novelties such as Airan, a Lebanese gazpacho made of natural yogurt, mint and cucumber, served cold and very light and tasty. Ideal as a starter.

Summer is the best time for vegetables as rich and healthy as aubergine and vegetables such as tomato. You will find both ingredients in our Meknes salad, made with roasted aubergines with tomato, onion, mint and pomegranate, another addition to the new menu.


Airan soup and Meknés salad.

In the Jardín del Califa we are proud to offer a great variety of vegetarian dishes, both Andalusian and Arabic delicacies, we speak for example of the famous 'Pastela' and, of course, various types of 'Mezzes'.

Among the house specialties we are adding to the summer menu includes  the Chicken Sufa, a delicious dish spiced with noodles, raisins and almonds.

Chicken Sufa.

Other stars on the menu are the classic Tagine, Moroccan specialties cooked in an earthenware casserole over a low heat. Seasonal fruit is one of the main ingredients of some of our tagines including our Tagine Oasis, made from spiced beef accompanied by pineapple and apricots or the chicken, fennel and orange Tagine.

Chicken tagine with fennel and orange.

Summer is an ideal time to enjoy good fresh fish from Cadiz. Don't miss our M'hencha de pescado y gambas, a spiral pastry filled with white fish, baby squid and prawns in their sauce or our wonderful 'Tagra de Tánger' - fresh market borriquete, stewed in clay tagine over a low heat with a spicy sauce.

Tagra de Tánger.

All our couscous are made with seasonal vegetables. Cous cous is a classic North African dish made from wheat semolina, meat, vegetables and served in a traditional clay bowl. Among the novelties of the new season we highlight the Moulay Bousselham, a coastal cous cous of sea bass with vegetables and coriander or the Dawood Basha, Arabian style meatballs with cous cous and steamed vegetables. All dishes can be made with wholemeal cous cous.

What would a magical summer night be without a moonlit garden barbecue? For lovers of meat and traditional Andalusian cuisine, we bring you the best meat every day, served with a side dish and, if you wish, with one of our sauces.

Discover the new summer menu here


Magical nights at restaurant garden.

Our wide selection of wines deserves a separate chapter, we also have 100% organic drinks from Patria Pura, just released in our summer menu, and many other drinks, which you will soon discover in one of our next blogs where we will  talk about our handmade desserts made by our pastry chef Amina Essadi.

 James Stuart, director of Califa Vejer & Thomás Donso, director of Patria Pura.


  • Kadhija's recommendation - 'M'hencha de pescado y camaras' - spiral-shaped puff pastry filled with white fish, baby squid and shrimp in their sauce.
  • Before dinner... you can have an aperitif at La Tetería del Califa, enjoying its panoramic views of the village and the mountains.
  • You cannot leave Vejer without... getting lost in its narrow streets and finding corners that invite you to sit down and enjoy the place.