La Velada de mi vida contest winner is....

  • Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest!

This year we will not have an evening in honour of the Patron of Vejer, the ‘Virgen de la Oliva’. However, from Grupo Califa we celebrated it in a special way, through your photos and memories. Cover photo: Javier Moreno.

And the winner is... @luisachaparro_estilista!


Congratulations from all the Califa's staff! You have won a dinner for two at our restaurant El Jardín del Califa. To receive your voucher we need you to send us a private message via Facebook or Instagram with your details or a mail at

This is the photo that @luisachaparro_estilista posted on Instagram to take part in the contest and which received a total of 19 votes. As we explained in the competition rules, the posts had to contain a mention of the @califavejer account and the hashtags #laveladademivida and #califavejer.


Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest! It has been a great pleasure receiving your pics and memories!


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Promotion rules

  • Duration of the promotion: from August 1st to 23:59 on August 31st. The winner will be announced on our social networks and blog.  

How to participate

  • Only photographs that comply with the theme defined in these rules may participate in the promotion, that's mean photos of the Velada of Vejer.
  • Participants who do not meet the requirements set out in these rules of the promotion will not be entitled to the prize.
  • In order to participate in the promotion, users must publish on their Facebook or Instagram profile photos of the Velada of Vejer from previous years, a special evening, an unforgettable moment, a funny story, etc. The user must publish the photo in his Instagram or Facebook channel, always with a PUBLIC profile, tagging our official account @califavejer and using the hashtags #califavejer and #laveladademivida. The photo that gets the most votes will win a dinner for two people at the restaurant El Jardín del Califa. A valid vote would be a like and a comment in the photo post, that is, the person who votes must give the "like" to the photo. If the post does not meet the requirements described above, it cannot be considered valid.


  • The award will consist of a dinner for two in El Jardín del Califa. 
  • Califa Vejer will contact the winner through his Instagram or Facebook profile, to inform him that he has been selected as the winner and he will be asked for an email to send him the invitation or he can pick it up directly at the restaurant. 
  • In the event that the winner cannot be contacted within three (3) days, the prize will be awarded to the second person with the highest number of votes.
  • The participant will be entirely and exclusively responsible for the contents, messages and/or comments that he/she incorporates or communicates through the Facebook and Instagram channels. In this sense, the participant will be responsible in any case for any claim related, directly or indirectly, to the violation of the rights of image, data protection, honor, privacy and any other right owned by a third party that may have been violated because of the photo submitted to the promotion, keeping Califa Vejer free of any responsibility that may arise from such violation.
  • From the moment that these rules are accepted, Califa Group reserves the right to use the name and image of the winner, and therefore participants agree to the use, publication and reproduction of their image and name worldwide and without limitation, by Califa Group in any type of advertising, promotion, publication (including Internet), or any other means, for information purposes as long as these are related to this promotion, without financial compensation of any kind for participants except for the delivery of the prize obtained as a result of this promotion.
  • All participants declare and guarantee that they authorize the use of their image and name by the Califa group in their profiles, exclusively within the framework of this promotion and for information purposes.
  • Califa Group reserves the right to modify the conditions of the present promotion at any time, including its possible cancellation before the deadline, provided there is a just cause for it, committing itself to communicate the new rules, conditions of the promotion or its definitive cancellation.
  • Participation in the promotion necessarily implies the acceptance of these rules and the interpretation criteria of the Califa Group regarding the resolution of any issue arising from this promotion.
  • Facebook and Instagram do not sponsor, endorse, or otherwise administer this Promotion, nor are they associated with it. Participants are aware that they are providing their information to the Califa Group and will only use it to manage their participation in this Promotion and, if applicable, to notify them of their prize in the event that they are the winner, and are exempt from any liability to contestants and participants.
  • The data provided by the participants, in this case the user name of the social network through which this promotion is launched, are confidential and will only be used for the management of the contest.