The Jardín del Califa new Autumn & Winter menu

  • The Jardín del Califa renews its menu to include new seasonal proposals

Autumn invades the kitchen of the Jardín del Califa to tone its new menu with the tastiest seasonal local products.

The Autumn & Winter season arrives at the restaurant with new options seasoned with the exoticism and unmistakable flavour of Middle Eastern and North African cuisine, mixed with the best local ingredients. Dishes that are the result of Khadija Essaadi's travels, the Jardín del Califa executive chef and general manager​. in the Middle East and her home country, Morocco, as well as family recipes "revisited, with a modern touch", says the chef.

Khadija Essaadi, the Jardín del Califa executive chef and general manager​.

The climate in Andalucia is Mediterranean, characterised by warm however the autumn temperature begin to drop, and it’s a time for truly inviting warmth like Shorbet adas lentil soup, classic moroccan lentil soup with fresh mint and paprika or the Chaouen lamb soup, a traditional soup from the Rif mountains with lamb, tomato, onion, bulgur wheat, pepper and a touch of ginger.

Now it's time for aubergines, ingredient you can taste in the Palmyra salad, together with black garlic, greek yogurt and chilli with fresh basil, dill and tarragon. Grapefruit is another of the seasonal fruits we can find in Sebu salad with red grapefruit, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, escarola & red lettuce, raisins and feta cheese.

The Jardín del Califa enchanted garden, with a splashing fountain and scented plants..

As a starter, you can find classic starters from the Middle East. Plates with nuts take part in the new Autumn & Winter menu such as the breuats with labaneh and wainuts, crispy breuats triangles filled with labaneh cheese and walnuts served with a za'atar sauce.

Specialities of the Chef includes new proposals like Moroccan sardine balls with tomato and mussels,  classic fisherman’s dish from North Africa cooked in a sauce with coriander, cumin and spices.

Among the new dishes, the seasonal menu features meat specialities like the Fatirat Lahmi of lamb with black garlic, lamb tagine with black garlic, fennel and pine nuts spiced with fresh ginger and white pepper. Another new proposal is the tagine Rif, a winter beef tagine with carmelised pumpkin, figs and walnuts.

Fatirat Lahmi of lamb with black garlic.

For fish lovers, new menu features fish specialities such as the sea bass kebab on the barbecue with Ras-al-Hanout spices or the cous cous of squid filled with spinach. 

For vegetarians the restaurant is proud to have one of Andalucia’s most extensive ranges of vegetarian dishes including a vegetarian ‘Pastela’ and of course extensive ‘Mezzes’. Menu includes also some of the most succesful proposals like the Magluba, falafel, Aleppo, Babaganoush, chicken Cous Cous... and much more!

Pastela del Califa

Red peppers on the barbecue

The Califa philosophy is to use the freshest local ingredients and wherever possible organic produce. The Jardín del Califa uses only free range eggs and chicken and organic beef (from the local Retinto breed). Vegetables are 95% locally sourced (from the province) and almost  60% (depending on the season) are organic.  For the pastries and desserts the Califa uses only organic certified sugar and  flours (from the Malaga Sierras). Not only is Califa produce top quality but it tastes better and travels less far to get to the table.

Chef's Suggestions from October to May

From October to May the Jardín del Califa also the Chef's Specialties that we change every two weeks. Check out our proposals.

We will talk about the wine list and our handmade desserts of Arab inspiration very soon. Stay tuned!


The Jardín del Califa gets the 'Andalucía Segura' label. Thanks to this certification, awarded by the Andalusian Regional Government, all our clients have the confidence and trabquility that the Califa is complying with all the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, the Ministry of Health and the Andalusian Regional Government's Department of Health.