International Sherry Week at Corredera 55

  • Jerez, love and wine passion.

The International Sherry Week arrives early at Corredera 55 with great Sherry wines, exclusive Sherry cocktails and spectacular pairings until November 10th.

Here’s a special sherry cocktail @ C55 BAMBOO with fine wine, Vermouth Rofes white and red and a drop of bitter orange. Olé!


Original pairings

Come and delight your palate with spectacular wines and grandma's homemade dessert recipes.



  • Compote of winter fruits in orange wine with coconut mascarpone... with Oloroso de Colosía.
  • Chocolate and tahini cheesecake with Pedro Ximenez prunes (gluten free)... with Pedro Ximenez de Colosía.
  • Lemon cheesecake pot with toasted meringue and almonds... with Amontillado de Colosía.
  • Hot banoffe crumble with caramel sauce and bananas topped eith cream and crushed coockies... with Manzanilla de Colosía.
  • Chocolate cake with cherry and vanilla cream served with cherry syrup (gluten free)... with Carlos III Brandy.


There's a wine for each dessert.... and for each moment.