Califa Hamam - new for 2020

  • Health and happiness with the Califa

Opening just before Easter 2020 the Califa Group brings a traditional Hamam to Vejer adding yet another fabulous experience to the Califa offerings. The Hamam will be open to the public as well as to guests from the Califa and neighbouring hotels.

After a few hundred years of absence the Califa Group is bringing the Hamam back to Vejer. Situated equidistant between the Alcazaba (Vejer’s Arabic origin castle) and what was the Mosque (now the principal church in Vejer) the Califa Hamam will be opening just before Easter 2020.  Hamam is the Turkish & Arabic word for the traditional bathing and cleansing spaces common to towns and cities across North Africa and Turkey. More akin to a spa in the modern sense, the hamam, particularly in Morocco, evolved from the Roman baths adapted to the needs of ritual purification according to Islam. The Califa Hamam will be a blend of the traditional Roman baths with a calderium (hot bath), tepidarium (warm bath) and a frigidarium (cold bath or cold shower) as well as the traditional steam room common to Moroccan hamams. Added to this there will also be a relaxing area under a domed atrium with Moroccan mint tea being served. Additionally a treatment room is available for massages.

A session at the Califa Hamam will start with a relaxing session in the tepidarium followed by the calderium. From there bare it all in the steam room to open the pores; get lathered in savon noir an olive oil–based black soap and scrubbed with the traditional kessa glove to remove dead skin; and finally get immersed in the cool of the frigidarium for an invigorating finish. The result? Silky-smooth skin and a refreshed feeling that can beat even the hottest of days in Andalucía.

The Hamam will be open from 0930 to 2200 and will be divided into various segments including morning ladies only sessions, family only sessions, mixed hours and men only sessions. 

The photos above are only a representation of the style of design we will be using at the hamam. Below are some photos of traditional hamams and arab baths dating back to the 10th to 14th. century here in Andalucía.