Califa fun!

  • The Califa annual staff party

This year we celebrated the annual Califa staff party at La Tajea restaurant in beautiful Santa Lucia just a few clicks from Vejer. Sadly somebody had to fulfill the Califa promise of being open 365 days a year so the staff at Corredera 55 couldn't join us. A few other notable absences and some on holiday however we still managed to get together 52 staff for the event (who wouldn't - free lunch and pots of camaraderie guaranteed!). The summer peak is around 80 staff throughout the group including Hotel Madreselva on the beach and Corredera 55.


The Califa team (except Corredera 55).

Hotel staff - Toñi, Gloria, Mai (head receptionist), Beli, Ma. José, Encarni, Regli (Director), Maribel.

James Stuart and Regli Alvarez (founders of the Califa Group) with Bernardo Sánchez (Head of maintenance) - a man who is in constant demand for his excellent skills and dedication to the job.

The real deal! The Jardín del Califa kitchen staff. L-R: Esther, Oliva, Khinsa, James, Marina, Ramón, Idriss, Khalid, Amina, Regli, Aisha, Khadija Essaadi (Head chef and restaurant manager).

             Standing - Nuria, José, Paqui, Ma. José, Beli, Ma. Carmen, Oliva B., Charo, Oliva G., Loli, Antonia, Nuria, Vanessa, Khalid, Nawal, Toñi, Claudio, Oliva M., Maria, May                                        Kneeling - Mercedes, Amina, Nawal, Gloria, José

Sisters! Begoña Bejines (Califa Express) & Oliva Bejines (Jardín del Califa).

Hotel Madreselva. L-R: Oliva Guerra, Ma. Carmen, Ana Maria, Toñi, James, Mercedes (manager), Bernardo.

Califa chiefs: Ramón Fenoll (Finance Director), Khadija Essaadi (El Jardín del Califa Manager), Regli Álvarez Castro (Founder), Encarni Benitez (Head of administration across all companies), James Stuart (Founder). Missing from this photo is Mercedes Ramirez (Manager of Hotel Madreselva) and Ellie Cormié (Director @ Corredera 55).

Hiding away in our laundry on the Calle Retiro are the shiny and thoroughly bleached Candi and Charo.

James with Ana Alvarez, head gardener and chief of all things green at the Califa.

L-R: Jasmina, Maribel, Idriss, Khinsa, Marina, Aisha, Esther.

Califa Tapas - Jasmina, Ramón, Paqui, Dávid, Maria, James, Maria del Mar, Regli.

Family photo - Khadija Essaadi, Amina Essaadi (Head pastry chef), Ashraf (Jardín del Califa & the man who paints everything at the Califa), Nawal Essaadi (Jardín).

James with Natalia (Teteria del Califa), Regli, Vanessa (Jardín) and getting a look in Nawal.