Live cooking #2

April 08, 2020
James Stuart takes us on another adventure into the Califa kitchen showing us the traditional way of cooking some of his...

The full recipes - Chicken Tagine, Baba Ganoush, Tabbouleh and Almond, Lemon and Honey cake

March 28, 2020
First of all, thanks to all of you who participated in the live show this Saturday! As promised, we leave you with the...

Cook with us the recipes of El Jardín del Califa

March 25, 2020
Do you miss our restaurant's favorite dishes? Don't worry because this Saturday we're offering a great...

Temporary closure of the Califa's hotels and restaurant due to the Covid-19 crisis

March 14, 2020
We closed our hotels and restaurant to join the efforts of the health authorities to mitigate the expansion of COVID-19,...

Califa is spelled with a woman's name

March 06, 2020
For International Women's Day we want to share the impressions of some of the female voices behind the group.

We collaborate with the Rebird Numanii project

February 27, 2020
From the Califa we want to contribute our grain of sand to improve and protect the biodiversity of our area, for this...

We have a Valentines Winner!

February 21, 2020
Today is the day. Many of you have been interested in our special Valentine's Day contest that we launched last...

Valentine's Day photo contest

February 14, 2020
At Califa Vejer we want to celebrate Valentine's Day with a very special contest!

Sunshine Circuit 2020 in Vejer

February 12, 2020
The Sunshine Tour is held amongst on the Montenmedio Estate in fields surrounded by cork and holm oak trees with views...